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Villas Kalimba, Samara, Costa Rica - The reception: at your disposal!
Villas kalimba, samara, costa rica

Villas Kalimba, Samara, Costa Rica - Flowers of our garden
Villas Kalimba samara
Villas Kalimba, Samara, Costa Rica - A relaxing tropical environment
Pool & Rancho


The "Rancho" besides the pool is a tree trunk structure, shielded with colored curtains, comfortable armchairs. It is the perfect place where you can relax reading a book, having conversation or just looking at plants and birds around you. There is barbeque area and a table. In the "Rancho", a few times per week, we organize a BBQ for our guests.

Pool & Jacuzzi

The large pool, conceived in naturalist style with rocks and plants around it, has seats on the water and anti-slip pavement. 

A small waterfall between the rocks feeds the Jacuzzi where you can reborn within the harmonious power of nature.

Villas Kalimba
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